Assessment Tool: How Bias, Assumptions, and Triggers effect communication

Interested in understanding the extent of how you bias or misunderstand others? These Assessments cover Bias, Assumptions, and Triggers and are great for individuals or teams to use for Brown Bag lunch discussions as a complement to What?.

By completing these, you will be able to recognize where and when you bias your hearing, offering you an opportunity to discover your habits, tendencies and patterns, with reflections on how to shift your tendencies.

Here’s a sample:

At the end of conversations I:

_ summarize what has been said and get agreement for follow-on;

_ never try to promote a hidden agenda to drive a conclusion to meet my needs;

_ check-in with my communication partner to make sure I understand my communication partner’s take-away from the conversation;

_ check to make sure my communication partner and I both have the same take-away from the conversation;

_ create a summary for follow-in steps and agree with my communication partner how to move forward.

A perfect score would be 230. How did you do?

Have you begun noticing your patterns as to where, when, and how you bias conversations? Where do you have less bias? More bias?

What would you need to do differently to reduce the amount of bias you exhibit during those times it would be beneficial to hear what your communication partner is saying?

These Assessments are quite thoughtful and deep. For those who are serious students of communicating authentically they address the areas that cause miscommunication and restricted collaboration. Should you wish to take your learning further and add some skill sets to what you learned in the Assessments, take a look at the Study Guides.

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