I really like this book. It is punchy, fast and direct and gets to the point well. I think the approach fits in nicely. The book includes lot of things that I have learned to be skilled at and would have dearly loved this book earlier on in my development to improve my conversation skills. It therefore will be very handy for people to read and learn from.

This is not another NLP take on communication which is refreshing too. The concepts go much further into the realm of practicability, which is something I really like. Well done Sharon Drew on getting this book out. This book will have its rightful place in the world. I can see how the book will take the reader on the journey many of us are on, to improve ourselves, break through and discover our own authenticity and help get us on our way to do this. I will be recommending this book to my clients that require additional help in their conversation skills and communication.

Part two is my favourite as it powerfully brings together the concepts very well with good action plans and learning summaries to move the reader forward.

Sharon Drew, this is a great read, a practical tool kit for better conversations, well done you, a great achievement.

Andrew Jenkins, MSc BSc CEng. MNCP (Snr. Accred). NLP & Hypn Mstr Pract. INLPTA & ANLP Cert. HypDip. GHR, GQHP (GHSc), NRH. CNHC, TFT Pract.

I finished reading this book a week ago and have been very mindful this week of my listening biases, filters and intent. I’ve also been sharing discoveries along the way with my CPs (making myself accountable in some new ways). Watching for shifts in others has been very helpful, too, and has earned me a few positive reactions — people do like when they feel genuinely heard. This is good stuff to know and, more importantly, I feel it makes me a better human to have read this.

Deb Calvert, Leadership Coach.

This book has changed the way I communicate – the way I hear my wife and kids, the way I communicate with my clients and investors and teammates. As someone always seeking to improve, I’ve read many books on communication and have come across nothing like this. It breaks apart every aspect of how we listen to others and gives me the tools to get out of my own biases and assumptions. This book will change the field of communication forever. It really must be read by everyone.

Ted Elvhage, Sweden. Entrepreneur.

“Once again a mind blowing book sees the light from Sharon Drew Morgen – read it when available!! ” Do you actually hear your buyers?

Magnus Sandman, consultant, Sweden.

The approach taken in this is like “Where’s Waldo” or the subtext of unravelling the deep structure of our principles for living.

I love it , I am on fire with it. This book creates a way for me to do better work with my clients – and myself. My whole team has benefited from the insights I have gained in reading this very clear decoding of “hearing” what is said when we speak to one another .. and have conversations. And I can see so clearly that his book is not for the weak of heart .. and not for everyone – at least not yet. It’s a tremendous effort: this book makes people breath and stand back .. and the application of the experience is the true magic. In my humble opinion.

Rosalind Kingsmill Coach, Leadership Consultant, NLP trainer.

A game-changing book about hearing others without our biases, filters, to properly hear what our communication partner is trying to say. Please forgive a shameless plug of a remarkable piece of work that is entirely relevant to all forms of communication.

Freddie Kemp, Decision Strategist

I love what you have created… I appreciate the dedication you are showing to your craft… the depths you have explored in order to bring light to yourself and latterly to the market.

Robert Wright, coach/consultant

What? is worth taking time to digest and use. This is a superb “how to” book for the committed learner who wants to have successful conversations. Morgen uses some original thinking combined with successfully translating multiple theories of communication into easy to follow, conversational style coaching tool. She demonstrates her message by both her informal, reader focused, writing style and clear stories that illustrate her points. Her exercises make this a useful tool to help the reader actually put these theories into practice. This is not a book to be skimmed for content and put aside. It is for someone committed to learning why some conversations just don’t work and how to improve them. Disclosure: reviewer is a relationship communication expert and author.

Laurie Weiss, Ph.D., Empowerment Systems