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  • STUDY GUIDE: What? Did you really say what I think I heard?

    Welcome. Thanks for purchasing the Study Guide, the companion to What?.

    This Study Guide follows the learning trajectory in What? by using expanded versions of the assessments, exercises, and questionnaires from the book and adding further learning and integration practices. The chapters covering each skill set are displayed at the top of each segment for reference should you wish to go back over the material.

    This is not a typical program: the type of questions asked and the direction of the study might be different from what you’re accustomed to. And occasionally, by design, some of the material will be somewhat repetitive. But the program has been design specifically to help you uncover your current listening patterns and offer the tools, reflection, and hands-on practice to enable learning. Hopefully, each segment, each activity, will offer you greater clarity to build to mastery.

    By the end of the Guide, you will know:

    •    Your current listening patterns – what works and what doesn’t.
    •    How to have choice over your biases, assumptions, triggers, and behaviors the moment they    become problematic.
    •    When what you’re doing is working or not.
    •    How to make sure you enter conversations without any sort of restriction.
    •    When you are hearing what’s intended and when you’re not.

    •    When your communication partner is not hearing you accurately and what to do about it.
    •    When your listening filters are restricting the outcome of your communication.
    •    How to shift your listening patterns and make new choices.

    Working the Study will take time and sincerity. It goes deep, to enable true learning. And since the learning is cumulative, make sure you don’t skip any of the sections. I’ve also included TAKEAWAYS at the end of each segment to help you integrate your learning.

    Enjoy. I hope you learn enough to be able to hear everything that’s said, in the way it’s meant, in all of your conversations.